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MSc. Physics
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MSc. Physics
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Master of Science in Physics

Basic Areas

The master’s program is research-oriented and initially covers advanced knowledge of three basic research areas: Solid state physics, Quantum optics and Gravitation. In the further course of studies, it is possible to specialize in one of these areas and gain access to the cutting edge of modern research. This is supplemented by a one-year
research phase, where students will be guided into independent scientific work.

Course Objectives

Experimental: The ability to design appropriate and possible meaningful experiments, and then to interpret the observations and measurement results on the basis of comprehensive and broad applicable knowledge.

Theoretical field: The abstract and mathematical analysis of observed physical properties as well as the development of numerical models and numerical methods on different levels of abstraction.

Skills: Interdisciplinary key competences acquired the precise representation and presentation of structured problem solving and efficient project management and collaboration in international teams.

Miscellaneous Helper

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